teshcast 6 til 7am ~ eduardo de la calle

eduardo de la calle is one of the spanish underground’s great secrets.

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teshcast special ~ pride of gombe

kicking off the year in teshcasts in 2014 is this, a special mix put together by bnjmn to represent what you might be treated to at the night he runs with pals and peers.

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teshcast 5am til 6am ~ esther duijn (live at de kring, amsterdam)

esther duijn is dutch dj and producer who likes to go deep.

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teshcast 3am til 4am ~ homepark

if it seems like an age since homepark’s last ep, that’s because it has been.

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teshcast 3am til 4am ~ luke solomon

although he has spent his life in music, luke solomon remains something of an outsider.

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teshcast 2am til 3am ~ semtek

the last few months have seen semtek and his don’t be afraid label getting the attention it deserves.

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teshcast 1am til 2am ~ brothers’ vibe

brothers’ vibe is back.

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teshcast midnight til 1am ~ zoé zoe

just over a year ago, music obsessive jamie russell plucked zoe zoe from lithuanain obscurity and asked him to turn in a ep for his auspicious sneaker social label.

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teshcast 11 til midnight ~ severn beach

this week teshno is happy to introduce to you a brand new project from james fox.

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teshcast 10 til 11pm ~ renaissance man

renaissance man have been at the heart of the well documented turbo rejuvenation in recent years.

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teshcast 9 til 10pm ~ m50

the chicago based dj and radio host m50 – or area when he’s producing – makes music nothing like the chicago sounds we all have hard wired into our brain boxes.

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teshcast 9 til 10pm ~ behling & simpson

it might seem like ed behling (born bayling) & sam simpson are yet another newbie act to be storming out of the west country. but they aren’t.

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teshcast z ~ blm

it’s taken just shy of two years to complete, but this teshcast from blm finishes off a whole alphabet of mixes jam packed with electronic delights.

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teshcast 7 til 8pm ~ damien zala

it’s to the depths of aix on provence we head for the next teshcast, with self starting producer damien zala taking us from 7 til 8pm.

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teshcast 6 til 7pm ~ loshea

i’m glad sheffield dj, promoter and producer loshea has largely used his own productions for this podcast.

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teshcast 5 til 6pm ~ oliver deutschmann

there is only one letter left of the teshcast alphabet and the dj in question is working on it. in the meantime, i’m going to kick off this next series…

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teshcast y ~ nautiluss

canadian graham bertie has been making music in various guises for a long time, but it’s as nautiluss that he has been turning most heads.

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teshcast x ~ flori

it’s been a while since the last teshcast, partly because i’ve been busy getting married, but now it returns in style with a young artist who has had one of his best years yet.

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teshcast w ~ youandewan

i’m excited about all new teshcasts, but this is one of the extra special ones. i’ve been after it for ages having first interviewed ewan smith aka youandewan two years ago. since then his profile has grown, even if his online stature has continued to remain laudably reticent.

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teshcast v ~ fabio della torre

a while ago i hosted a teshcast by italian duo life’s track. i came to them through a most excellent release on italian label bosconi. when the boss of said label, fabio della torre, emailed me recently with his imprint’s next release – from cross pollinated house and bass producer altered natives – and informed me he was himself beging to focus on production under his own name once again (having previously released as fabio corcos and one half of minimono) i was keen to hear the results and, long story short, they were impressive, so i hooked him in for a teshcast.

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