bnjmn ~ nightvision on stolen kisses

bnjmn - stolen kisses on teshno

the second stolen kisses release swiftly follows the first, as will bnjmn’s second album (out oct) swiftly follow his debut which came in only february of this year. with that full length, the rush hour producer carved out a niche all his own

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hakim murphy ~ infinite sensations on stolen kisses

stolen kisses is the delightfully entitled new label from lwe editor-in-chief, steve mizek. said site’s indisputable ear for excellence means you will now already be expecting something slicker than your average cut from the imprint, and you’d be right to, for the so-called ‘first kiss’ is as memorable as such a thing should be. it comes from rated chicago house producer hakim murphy, but rather than a jacking, edgy perspective of the windy city à la carter or sneak, his vision is one made up by a patchwork of sounds, samples and surfaces more inline with edfemin’s 2010 full length, um, chicago.

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