youandewan – youandme / zeal on disfigured dubz

it’s not hard to work out what this leeds based, on-the-brink producer has been listening to. but that’s not to say that’s all you can hear, because whilst his almost inverse arrangements (as if what should be dark is light, and vice versa) bare all the ghostly hallmarks of burial, they come with firmer beats and a more inherent sense of optimism in place of the aforementioned’s crushing isolation.

first cut ‘youandme (on my mind)’ – which featured on the inaugural teshcast – is the most out-going of the two. through the ambient noise of a crowded room (see, already it’s more social than anything burial made) it comes on strong with a punchy kick, throbbing sub and clatter of stirring hi-hats. a brushed-steel xylophone melody marks out the breakdown and peppers the backdrop, before a fresh kick’s youthful energy busts out its 2-step intentions once again and the whole thing finally melts to nothing as quickly as it appeared: job done; no fussin. ‘zeal’ meanwhile, on the flip, is a subdued soup of fulsome wood-block strikes, grubby hits and muddied beats. they skulk along, knocking against each other gently patting out a rhythm, whilst a delayed female vocal adds another vital layer. frankly, it would be haunting if it weren’t for the ethereal synth colours and harmonies which float like warm currents in the distance.

with assured, diverse cuts on lesser spotted labels like this one of skream’s and local imprint magicbag, it’s surely only a matter of time before youandewan is taken into the fold by a hessle audio or r&s type outlet. with such backing would surely come the confidence to get even more loose, and given the distant of this, largely garage, ep from his last fine dub techno outing, that’s a great prospect.

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