teshcast u ~ baaz

he only releases a couple of eps or remixes a year, but german baaz is amongst the finer craftsmen of deep house. his associations include slices of life, for whom he has just finished a varied three tracker, quintessentials and also a new label of his own, office recordings, which places a focus on limited run vinyls, screen printed sleeves and other such niceties. you can read about that and other things in the interview below, before getting deep down and jazzy when listening to the beautifully warm and human teshcast he has turned in.

how are you? what’s been keeping you busy?

at the moment, there’s lots of things to do to start “office recordings”, our new label run by my close friend christian fladung and myself. he is doing mainly all the artwork stuff: silkscreens, stamps, it’s a lot of handwork and i’m taking care of the musical side. hopefully the first release will be out in the middle of may.

how have your tastes evolved in the last year? you listening to anything new or different than normal?

i’m always open for new music and stuff. jazz, hip hop, drone, experimental or folk for example. i read some blogs and also discovered bandcamp – it’s unbelievable what outstanding music you can find there. so, it’s evolving all the time.

there’s not much info online about you, is that a conscious thing? do you prefer to stay in the shadows?

there are some musicans who give themselfes a mysterious touch while they never show their face, don’t give interviews and so on…. i like those things. it’s fun and sometimes it really makes curious about the artist. in my case it’s different- nobody knows me.

i’d say your influences are quite clear – theo, moody etc – but how do you go about channelling these into something your own, something unique, when producing? is it a challenge?

moodymann, theo parrish, daniel bell etc- with these producers it’s the same like with a tribe challed quest, wu tang clan, de la soul for example… it’s more like a keystone for me. the same with 60s and 70s soul music is probably a keystone for these guys.

as a dj, i’m directly influenced by listening to a lot of records every week. more or less aware. i’m always searching for sounds, grooves, or feelings which work well for me. that is sometimes a huge challenge.

in an interview a while ago you said you wanted to teach your self a little more piano, more formally, did you manage that? did it help?

not so much. i can play some children’s songs now. but that’s all!

do you think that formal training is missing from a lot of music today? is it important or can you get by without it?

i think you get faster results if you are trained but it’s not important. everybody is able to make techno music. you just have to feel it. i really like that.

does it take you a long time to get in the right frame of mind to write music or do you do it as and when you feel it?

the best results come up if i feel it. sometimes i sit in front of my gear 10 hours and nothing works… i leave my studio with this groggy music head and burning eyes… and then, two hours later in an unpredictable moment this “feeling” is coming up -and i go back to the studio…

how did you hook up with slices of life for your new ep?

i met barbara preisinger (the founder of s.o.l) a couple of years ago. i absolutely respect her work as label owner and dj .besides that she became a really good friend of mine.

after some gigs we played together, it was clear- we like the music taste of each other. at some point she asked me if i’m interested in doing a record for s.o.l. i was very happy about that .

you seem to only release one or two eps a year – why is that? do you consider yourself more a dj or?

i don’t like to release too much. i’m absolutely fine with two ep’s per year. maybe a few remixes or collaborations with friends.

now you’ve been in berlin a few years, is it still as exciting a place? does it still inspire and influence you or is there any risk it limits creativity ‘cos all the deep house people are together in one place or….?

it’s still really exciting here!, everyday life and people, music, record shopping, partys, friends ,neukölln, subway, späti,.. those are some things that inspire me.

of course berlin is the base for many house producers. in my circle of friends
there are just a couple of house cats like skipson, the achterbahn d’ amour‘s (iron curtis and edit piafra), johannes albert, or the retreat posse . we share the same passion but mostly everybody is doing his own thing. i love to hang out , talk about music stuff and sometimes we share our thoughts about new productions. for me thats very important and it doesn’t influence my creativity in a negative way-quite the opposite.

where and when was the mix recorded?

at home on march the 27th.

what was the aim with it?

it’s been exclusively made for you

what else you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

watch out for “office recordings”. we got some great remixes by matthias reiling & astrup and soulphiction for the first and the second ep! the first and the second release are by myself. what about talk about ep #1 and #2

what do you like to do outside of music?

drinking coffee and riding my bike.

download teshcast s ~ baaz or listen below

baaz has decided to keep the tracklist to himself for this one so if you fancy id-ing any tracks in the comments section… go ahead!

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  1. varoslav says:

    this mix is superb ! great house music

  2. malte says:

    nice one! thx!!!

  3. drisan_music says:

    no clue about any track name…I love it!:) Baaz is cool!:)

  4. drisan_music says:

    hang on a minute, there’s Bearweasel’s Argumentative@46.20! got it on wax ;)

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  6. Koen says:

    Would love with some help on the tracklisting, who knows what he has played?

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