richie hawtin interviews skrillex

so mixmag have started doing this thing whereby a dj/producer of their choice curates ten pages of the mag and mixes the cover cd. the first time they did it was february 2012, with minus boss richie hawtin the man put in charge. he wanted to interview sonny moore aka skrillex as part of it, and i got to moderate.

you can read the full transcript over on


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  1. [...] can read the full transcript here, and while doing so, we suggest you think of the outrage this is going to cause when it’s [...]

  2. Sinixstar says:

    It’s kinda funny to see somebody like skrillex even using the word “underground” after being all over MTV. Nevermind talking about the “underground scene” with someone like hawtin – after admitting he was in diapers when Richie was pioneering electronic music.

    I guess it’s cool to see new school and old school come together and chat, but I just can’t take somebody like Skrillex seriously in this context. I gotta give Rich props for not laughing hysterically in his face during this interview. God knows I would have.

  3. m@earth says:

    Interesting read. I remember the moby prodigy cybersonik tour from back in 93. Cybersonik was nearly industrial and generally unapproachable in a club context with a 1am closing compared to moby with his punk rock stage antics and prodigy with their dancers and liam strapped in behind his gear. Seriously though, the best part of that evening was the records Moby used to dj. Crap dj, but beautiful records.
    Skrillex is very much like the Prodigy, or whatever big flavor of the second boys music overground edm. Can’t say I support his music one bit, but it’s training wheels sounds for the next generation. People who are in it for the long haul will tire of his sounds and dig in to the rest of the dishes edm offers and get a more complete meal. We’re in the boys music or if Madonner has anything to add (still,) the off your face pandrogynous phase of American EDM all over again. Dust off those Rozalla records. Too, the lighting technology has improved drastically and motion graphics are no longer crap cyber and beholden to processor speed.
    Cheekily, also in the boys music phase where harder and faster sounds were the hot thing in the blossoming of rave culture, Ritchie ‘Rich’ printed up +8 records condoms with the faster we go, the harder we get on them.

  4. LewisH says:

    The only reason I read this interview is because Richie did it. I’m glad I did. I still don’t like dubstep but I do have more respect for Skrillex.

  5. [...] richie hawtin interviews skrillex that was the first big surge of interest in electronic music – moby, prodigy, these big parties in san francisco and la. do you remember that? [...]

  6. Jackm says:

    Everyone can do an interview and sound cool and interresting. But when i hear this skrillexcrap on the radio again, i remember why i hate it, and no, it’s not because it’s “dubstep” (it’s not even dubstep *facepalm*) it’s noise created for money. It’s as empty as my wallet after a festival. I tried to compare it once with richie’s concept96. After a minute i realized there was nothing to compare on any level. All those skillexes and other moneytakers can kiss my ***. They think they know music, but they don’t or like the money more.

  7. [...] Esta presentación, con despegue incluído, tuvo lugar en el Ultra Music Festival hace apenas unos días. Y en un hecho inesperado, el veterano productor Richie Hawtin, pionero del minimal techno, entrevistó al nuevo ídolo DJ para la revista Mixmag. Puedes leer esa entrevista aquí. [...]

  8. Hoot says:

    can you americans quit it with the EDM..Electronic Dance Music… come on.

  9. shmank says:

    buster rhymes. hahahaha.

  10. hoody says:

    lol @ skrillex thinking dubstep was underground when he started i didn’t know he was producing dubstep pre 2005…

  11. bolgeras says:

    Did Richie say “Buster Rhymes”? It’s Busta.

  12. [...] can read the full transcript here, and while doing so, we suggest you think of the outrage this is going to cause when it’s posted [...]

  13. [...] an interview between legendary DJ and music producer Richie Hawtin and dubstep wunderkind Skrillex, we [...]

  14. Aaron says:

    Skrillex hair is crazy! I heard he is the most hated man in Dubstep……

  15. [...] Check out the entire interview between Richie Hawtin and Skrillex here [...]

  16. [...] Now…Richie Hawtin interviews Skrillex about the scene, music and what Skrillex remember about "the early days" of EBM when he was 5 years old. [...]

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