cottam ~ deep deep down on aus

a few things define cottam’s music in my mind. one is the lethargic tempo (which he always makes work), another is the great sampling and the third is how things are tantalisingly drawn out over such long periods of time. they say the thrill is in the chase, and that was certainly the case with the way b side ep 2 unfolded so glacially slowly, yet so damn irresistibly. it was minimum effort maximum impact. much the same happened on the preston man’s use of weapons ep, except instead of vintage funk snippets being stretched from start to finish, it was acid.

this debut on aus sits somewhere in between. the filmic ‘deep deep down’ swings as low as the title suggests, with organic handclaps brushing next to off-time and detuned horn farts and an ever-present, rippling sci-fi melody that invokes thoughts of some distant android future. simultaneously, though, soaring sax notes ensure the thing has a very real musical heritage running right through its laggy, ramshackle house core. for his remix, hot ukrainian vakula strips things back to a grubby, subby and murky deep house puddle that doesn’t kick so much as thud. the original’s melody is buried almost out of ear shot as scratching; scraping, bleeping sounds all buzz about, growing in volume in its place. it’s a slow reveal but the detailed cosmic metropolis which does eventually present itself (you can really hear spaceships cruising above a bustling city-in-the-sky) makes for involved listening indeed.

‘twang’ is the other original offering. underpinned by another subtle and low slung groove, this time a more overtly soul-fuelled vocal “oooh, don’t look any further” hangs in the air above the foggy cloud of claps and acid twinges below. it’s humid, slo-mo stuff that gently builds to a mildly frantic peak, but you’re left watching from a safe distance, enjoying every last second.

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