teshcast f ~ kidkut: westernunion

whenever i write about immerse i point out it’s an under appreciated label. now having heard this, a very substantial mix of varied, tasteful house, i reckon it’s fair to say the boss of said label may well be under-appreciated, too. as well as steering his bristol-based mutant-bass label through some beautifully individual breakbeat and dubstep offerings alive with static and crackle (from the likes of sigha, (cosmin) trg and kontext) his own productions have been high on inventiveness to the point where scuba has snapped a pair up for his hot flush imprint, due for release late this year.

that said, we now find kidkut (and the bristol scene generally it seems) at somewhat of a crossroads. his label’s last release was much housier than ever before; he is now part of a house and techno night in bristol called westernunion (explained below) and this mix is pure, beautiful, classy house through and through.

i’ve listen to it 6 or 7 times now and it improves with each rotation: these are not faddy, throw-away records but real dope joints that sound as good now as they will in ten years and, in some cases, as they did 15 years ago when they were released. seamlessly bled into each other and into a nicely arcing narrative overall, the fact it’s a pure vinyl selection is just the icing on the cake…

where/when/on what did you record the mix?

i recorded this mix at the end of may just after our first westernunion night. it’s a collection of tunes i’m feeling at the moment and also some highlights from some new bristol producers of the same ilk. it was recorded on two technics using vinyl and acetate, how it should be.

what was your aim with it?

i think to outlay as to what our close knit little crew (westernunion) are about, some exposure to where i am personally with regards to music, some insight into the future of immerse and showcase some new local talent. there were a lot more dub-plates from local guys i could put in, but i think it’s important to show both the past and present, to give some context of where we are coming from (plus it’s not all about the freshness).

can you give us the lowdown on westernunion…

westernunion is a local night we are running out of a basement in bristol called take5 cafe, where we play house and techno, local artists only and strictly word of mouth. our first was the night of the stokes croft riots, they pulled the shutters down and we kept on dancing, was a bit hairy getting home though.

we certainly don’t pretend to be the first people to play house music in bristol, but there is a certain sound that we wanted to hear more of.  there are a few of us involved, there’s no one person behind it – we all pitch in. chris idlehands, oli beamo, myself and jake hodge get on and organise it and the extended fam (too many to list, you know who you are) help out.

we basically all hang out at idlehands record store and then move right next door for the take5 night, or across the road to the bell pub, we have decided to try and contain our lives with a 20 meter radius (the bristol bubble) :) .

so bristol seems to be developing quite a taste for house after all their bass business.. is that fair? what’s brought it about do you think? who are the dudes mainly behind it?

well there are lots of people bringing all sorts of things, which would fall under that umbrella. our crew tend to be focusing on lower tempos, anything upwards of 100bpm, we love hidden grooves, edits, bass and the odd cheeky rhodes (i can play a mean air rhodes). i guess if you align any of the above with a lot of sub bass and you get where we are. it’s still very early days for our thing in bristol but there has always been plenty of variety here if you look for it. there does seem to be more interest in house recently, but there have been guys doing it since day dot (i’m thinking the underscore boys here, but there are others also) and i think it’s important that people are aware of this.

and your own immerse has gone house-y with the last release… is that a permanent shift, was it conscious, what was the catalyst?

there is an intended shift, whether its permanent or not, who knows. the sound of this mix is what i have been enjoying playing and making for some time so i wanted the label to be a bit more in line with that and also with some of my friends coming through production wise with these sounds.  it gives me an opportunity to support them, so it just makes sense to me really.

anything you’d like to hype.. releases/dj gigs?

you can catch me at dojos for ufo next friday (24th) if you’re in bristol and our next release by el kid (featured on the mix) will be out 18th july and i should have a release out with arkist on hotflush in the next month or so (vanilla imitate/ one year later).

[this mix has been archived]

hint – upperechelon – dubplate
fudge fingas – singularity – primenumbers
theo parish – lost keys – music is
vessel – pentimento – forthcoming immerse
el kid – le corbusier – forthcoming immerse
schmoov – playground – diy discs
schatraxx lpg001 – champagne dancer – schatraxx
motor city drum ensemble – raw cuts #5 – mcde
jackie or philips – same shit different day – dubplate
outboxx – kate libby’s – immerse records
moodymann – i can’t kick this feeling when it hits - decks reworx
herbert – deeper - studio !k7
oracy – bass mood – mojuba
move d – horsin around – compost records
kassem mosse – workshop 12 – workshop
glenn underground – sound struck – peacefrog

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great mix/interview. Think its Raw Cuts #3 on the mix though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing stuff.
    Lookin forward to el kid!

  3. Anonymous says:

    also you forgot to list the second-to-last track

  4. Anonymous says:

    No i didnt :) , but yeah its raw cuts #5…. thanks for the comments guys.

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